Adrian Sherwood : Never Trust A Hippy

Jazzwad: drum rhythms (A1, B4, C3),bass and keyboards (A1, B4, C3)
Sly Dunbar: drum rhythms (A3, D2)
Lenky: drum rhythms (A2, A4)
Carlton ‘Bubblers’ Ogilvie: drum rhythms (B1,B2) bass (B1, B2, C2), piano (A1, A3, B4,C2, D2), vocals (B1)
Keith Le Blanc: drums (C2, D3)
Bonjo IA Binghi Noah: percussion (D3)
Robbie Shakespeare: bass (A3, D2).Nick Coplowe: bass and keyboards (A1). Temple of Sound: bass and percussion (D1)
Michael Mondesir: bass (B4). Simon Munday: sequences and bass (C3)
Sunjay Tailor: additional programming (B2)
Harry Beckett: trumpet
Skip McDonald: guitar (all tracks except C3),drums and bass (B3). Crucial Tony: guitar (C3)
Tom McManamon: banjo (B3)
Sorra Wilson-Dickson: violin (C2)
S E Rogie: vocals (C2). Hari Haran: vocals (A2). Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali: vocals (D1)
Denise Sherwood: vocals (A4, B1).
Emily Sherwood Hyman: vocals (B1).
Shara Nelson: vocals (C1). Ghetto Priest: vocals (C2)

Produced by Adrian Sherwood.
Engineered by Nick Coplowe.
Recorded and mixed at On-U Sound Studios
LP Mastered by Ray Staff at Sony Studios, London.

It’s a mystery, really, why a music biz legend like Adrian Sherwood hasn’t released a solo album until now.

Okay, the man has been rather busy over the last twenty years or so, producing and/or remixing some of the most innovative recordings under his own moniker or that of his On-U Sound label Never Trust A Hippy reflects the way its maker sees the multifarious Real World.

“It’s a logical marriage,” Sherwood says. “I was thinking about myself in conjunction with the bulk of what Real World has done. It’s not a remix album, it’s one piece of work. It’s my own version of a kind of world music-sci-fi-dub-dancehall record, made contemporary by using such great people as Sly and Robbie, Lenky, Jazzwad and Bubblers.” This being his first venture as a solo artist, he admits to feeling slightly trepidatious about stepping into unknown territory. But after testing it out on the dance floor – his fail-safe litmus test – he is exceptionally proud of the result. “I can play this out in clubs and happily have it represent me. And I know these tracks go down really well loud.

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    Never Trust A Hippy

    180g Double LP
    19th February 2004

    Side 1
    1 No Dog Jazz 4:54
    2 Hari Up Hari 5:08
    3 Haunted By Your Love 4:06
    4 Processed World 5:11

    Side 2
    1 The Ignorant Version 5:13
    2 The Dancehall Beatbox 4:15
    3 Spy Dancehall 4:19
    4 Boogaloo 5:18

    Side 3
    1 Hari Up Hari (Vocal Mix) 3:41
    2 Dead Man Smoking 3:55
    3 X Plantation 5:17
    4 The Ignorant Bug 4:54

    Side 4
    1 Paradise Of Nara (Remix) 7:52
    2 Strange Turn 5:30
    3 Majestic 5:01