Frank Black & The Catholics : Show Me Your Tears

Frank Black: vocals; guitar.
Scott Boutier: drums; bells.
Rich Gilbert: guitar; piano; pedal steel guitar; vocals.
David McCaffrey: bass; vocals.
David Phillips: guitar; pedal steel guitar; vocals.

Recorded by Ben Mumfrey.
Mastered by Eddie Shrayer at Oasis.
LP Mastered by Ray Staff at Sony Studios London.

DIV 006LP is the latest album by ex Pixies frontman Frank Black and his band, The Catholics.
Recorded live to two track, without editing, earlier this year at a temporary studio in Hollywood, “Show me your tears” contains 13 songs.

“..And so here they are….. There isn’t a happy song in this bunch. I mean, maybe MASSIF CENTRALE has a ray of hope, but even then, I don’t know, central France can be really cold and lonely. Maybe NADINE is a sexual celebration, but man, I get so sad when I think about her, way back when, ah fuck, whatever happened to me and her? So maybe you’ll like this record. May I suggest a single malt scotch, straight up, as an aperitif? Then drink cold, red wine throughout, and then forget about the digestive; put the record on again and go look for that bottle of scotch. You’re never going to like one of my damn records if you only listen to it once.”
Frank Black – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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    Show Me Your Tears

    180g Single LP
    1st October 2003

    Side 1
    1 Nadine 3:04
    2 Everything Is New 3:52
    3 My Favorite Kiss 2:07
    4 Jaina Blues 3:52
    5 New House Of The Pope 3:14
    6 Horrible Day 3:36

    Side 2
    1 Massif Centrale 4:52
    2 When Will Happiness Find Me Again 2:21
    3 Goodbye Lorraine 2:36
    4 This Old Heartache 3:33
    5 The Snake 2:03
    6 Coastline 1:57
    7 Manitoba 4:33