Bonus Post : SXSW Badge Names That Made Us Laugh

Top 10 (and these are all genuine.  I was accused of making these up.  Where would be the fun in that?) :

1.  Chad Huff

2.  Caine O’Rear

3.  Matty A. Grumbles

4.  Bridget Sticker

5.  Trey Covington

6.  Larry Curry

7. Fletcher B. Goode (OK, middle name was Brendon but it’s funnier this way)

8.  Randy Schefer

9.  Sunday Paterson

10. George Jungringer

Honorary mentions to a few that failed to make it such as Judson Weaver, Molly Conklin, Sven Sorhus and Cyndi Goretski.

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