Friday 19th March : Pork Militia

The day we caved in to being tourists.

We started the day thinking we had to rush around but we had a meeting postponed so ended up with a bit of free time.  Firstly though, we went record shopping.  We had a look around the massive record convention, there was almost too much to look at.  We left and went to a special Third Man Records ‘pop up store’.  This was in a hot dog restaurant, myself and Paul bought t-shirts with today’s blog title on it.  They rule.  Aside from that we bought some 13″ White Stripes records.  They’re bigger in Texas you know.  From one record shop to another, we travelled to Waterloo Records on 6th Street, gave them a few of our releases and I bought a couple of albums.  Shopping done.

We went home.  Briefly.  Myself and Paul had a meeting with a guy from Sony Legacy about some records.  We had 20 minutes to kill beforehand and wandered into a question and answer session with GWAR.  Yes GWAR.  We left when they started questioning the crowd rather than the other way around.

From  the we picked a pub and caught the end of a female fronted band.  No idea what they were called.  Myself and Paul just stood at the bar having a beer and suddenly realised that there was nobody else left in the venue.  Everyone had been ushered out except us.  Clearly we looked important.  Eventually a man who assumed we were with the bands, ushered us into a VIP area.  This amused us.  It also led to me missing Metric and I couldn’t get out!

Band Of Horses it was then.  Paul loved them, I thought half their songs were boring.  It was in a very hot church with no beer.  We left with 2 songs to go to make sure we got in to see Justin Townes Earle.  We queued and made it into the venue about 30 seconds before he started.  He was brilliant.  Deer Tick followed and were very good, totally ramshackle and quite, quite mad.  After them came the evening’s headliners, Lucero.  I love Lucero anyway but when there’s eight of them onstage and they’re performing at their own show, they were bound to be good.  Horn section and all.

Before Lucero came on we got talking to Justin Townes Earle.  What a lovely guy.  I also fell in love with a friend of his called Nicky (yes, she was female, as was Bryn Davies, Justin’s double bass player!).  Bryn had lost the car keys so we just stood chatting to Justin as she rushed around the venue frantically checking every corner, guitar case, pocket, nook and cranny for them.  Presumably she eventually found them as they left about 40 minutes later.

A good night was had by all.  Bar possibly Erika who queued to see Shearwater, left afterwards and couldn’t get through to me or Paul due to American mobile reception being strangely rubbish.  We found her sitting forlornly on the wall of the Raddison car park.  Apparently Shearwater were good though so everything was OK.  And we got a cab easily.  For once.


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