Sunday 14th March : John The Cat

I woke up surprisingly perky this morning given that last night involved witnessing a man shake his trouser leg loose of his own faeces, being in a pub full of pissed deaf people and seeing the poster that graces this post. Handy hint – if your name is John, please don’t call your cat John.

I’m about an hour away from getting a taxi to the train station which is the first leg of the journey (train to Newport, car to London, Plane to Houston, another plane to Austin).  I’m almost excited now.  Although I’m mainly worried that I’ve forgotten to pack something.  I have clothes, laptop, passport, money, assorted chargers and toiletries.  This is it isn’t it?  I don’t need anything else.

I’m going to say I’m ready.  Firstly to stay in a London hotel and mainly to survive a week of music, beer, meat and cheese.  Hopefully we’ll pick up a contact or two along the way.  Breaking news on this blog as and when it, ummmm, breaks.

Right, let’s book a taxi….


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  1. Scotty
    Posted 14/03/2010 at 6:54 PM | Permalink

    You did pack a copy of The Ground Remembers for a Texas photo didn’t you?

  2. jim
    Posted 14/03/2010 at 8:24 PM | Permalink

    In all my years of drinking in Newport I have only been to this pub once. This obviously is an error and I shall be making more of an effort to frequent it from now on.

    Plenty of reporting on the standard of meat and cheese in Texas, and the grilling of these fine products please.

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