Sunday 21st March : ATM Buddy

Last day in Austin and the free festival type stuff is pretty much over so I decided to do all my gift shopping on South Congress before paying 20 whole dollars to get into a gig on the same street.  This was a great idea until the cashpoint machine wouldn’t give me any money.  It gave the guy after me money, his name was Richard.  He asked me if I needed the more specifically for something, I explained about the gig, he asked if I fancied a beer.  People are so ridiculously friendly here!  After a beer and conversation about ATMs, I tried my other card.  It gave me money.  Richard only had $15 so I threw him the other $5 and we went to the gig.

We saw Carrie Rodriguez (He liked her, so did I), Triple Cobra (they had show girls in basques and sounded like a glam Aerosmith, that’s right, a glam Aerosmith).  At this point Richard left me to it as he had college work to do and was in danger of staying out and getting drunk.  I stuck around for Grady, Ivan Julian, Lenny Kaye and Chuck Prophet (excellent) but flaked out and got a cab back before Michael Monroe and Alejandro Escovedo.  There’s only so long you can stand in a venue by yourself without losing the will to live, besides, early start in the morning.


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