Thursday 18th March : Blister In The Sun

This was always going to be the busy day.  We got up early with the intention of going to see a talk by Smokey Robinson.  We missed it as we got distracted by the hot tub in the garden.

We did make it in for a very interesting talk on vinyl though.  Guys from Sub Pop, Third Man and Warner were there discussing the vinyl industry and it’s place in the future.  We managed to catch up with Billy Fields from Warner afterwards.  Lovely guy and very interesting conversation.  After that, we ventured to Feargal Sharkey’s talk about UK Music.  Again, very interesting.  Looking forward to reading UK Music’s report at the end of the month.

A brisk walk to the Wales showcase followed, a marvellously drunk (it was 3pm) Sweet Baboo opened, followed by Polly Mackey and the Pleasure Principal, Straight Lines and Cate Le Bon.  Witnessed the biggest Welsh flag outside of the Celtic Manor and rambled an interview to Bethan Elfyn, something about moustaches.

Paul and Erika then went their separate way from me, they saw John Hiatt, Ray Davies and Roky Eriksonn with Okkervil River.  I wandered the streets of Austin on my own and had a great time.  Caught Gordon Gano with The Ryan Brothers, he was great and ended with Blister In The Sun.  Ambled up the road and caught Wizzard Sleeve before crossing the road to Stubb’s for Besnard Lakes, The Soft Pack and Drive-By Truckers.  I befriended the merch guy who happens to run the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia.  He’s called Craig and was awesome.  Also bumped into Tom from Loose and had a chat about how the new Duke & The King stuff was sounding.  Amazing apparently.  Can’t wait.

A short walk from there got me to Encore Patio for Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker.  Cracker ended up only playing about 4 songs as David Lowery help up the gig due to the microphone nearly electrocuting him.  He wasn’t a happy bunny.  After an extended rant at the venue and praising other establishments for not trying to kill their artists, the sound guy got on stage to argue.  This was a mistake.  He was berated for drinking on the job, had his beer grabbed from him and poured over the front of stage and when he stood there looking defeated was asked by Lowery if he intended singing backing vocals, if not, to get off the stage.  Very entertaining.


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