Wednesday 17th March : Real Irish Can Drink

If I’d written this Wednesday night then it may’ve been longer.  In hindsight, it was quite quiet!

We started the day with a bit of window shopping on South Congress.  Loads of vintage clothes, bizarre toys (I’ll post photos when I get home) and Deer Processing.  Don’t ask, I don’t know.

We walked into downtown, had a wander around the exhibition centre and chatted to some Canadians and Aussies about distribution.  Inspired by the Canadian stall, we decided to go to their BBQ.  The fact that it was really sunny and we were outside seemed to accelerate the drinking somewhat.  A free bar will do that to you.  After watching You Say Party! We Say Die! we headed to the British launch event for more free beer and some ‘food’.  Watched Everything Everything (average) and Band Of Skulls (good) and buggered off to a venue that had the audacity to charge us for alcohol.

Stubb’s in was.  Saw Visiqueen, The Walkman, Sharon Jones & The Daptones and Broken Bells.  Sharon Jones won that particular battle.  In a fit of spontaneity and the desire to see a friend from Newport that was in Austin, I then went to a bowling alley called the Highball and watched some crazy 8 bit computer game stuff.  It was fun.

I got a cab outside and the driver told me that the reason he was out of town was that he hated St Patrick’s Day.  ”None of them are really Irish, real Irish can drink”.  Enough said.


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