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Laura Marling update.

After a few weeks of checking test pressings, putting the release date back, speaking to mastering engineers and pressing plants, we finally appear to be getting somewhere. The sleeves are all printed and ready, a test pressing has been approved and barring natural disaster it looks as though we’re ready to go. I don’t want [...]
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Cowboy Junkies cut.

Myself and Paul spent yesterday in London with Ray Staff at Air Studios cutting the new Cowboy Junkies LP. It’ll be out at the end of October. It sounds amazing and is the first in a series of 4 albums the band are releasing in the next 18 months. Watch this space.
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Chuck Prophet gig looming…

Diverse Records are thrilled to be bringing Chuck Prophet to Wales for the first time in about a billion years. His album ‘Let Freedom Ring’ is being released on vinyl by Diverse in May (hopefully in time for the gig, there’s been a couple of delays), it was described by New York’s Village Voice [...]
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Chuck Prophet Update

The bad news is that Let Freedom Ring record has hit a few problems of late.  Test pressings took ages to materialise and when they finally arrived last week we didn’t think they were up to scratch.  We’ve asked the plant to repress them and are waiting new ones.  All the artwork is finished and [...]
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Monday 22nd March : Homeward Bound

Got up at 8am.  Got in taxi.  Went to Austin airport.  Got on plane to Houston.  Waited.  Got on plane to London.  Landed at 7am on Tuesday morning.  Got confused by loss of day.  Went straight to work.  Went home at 3pm.  Slept.
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Sunday 21st March : ATM Buddy

Last day in Austin and the free festival type stuff is pretty much over so I decided to do all my gift shopping on South Congress before paying 20 whole dollars to get into a gig on the same street.  This was a great idea until the cashpoint machine wouldn’t give me any money.  It [...]
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Bonus Post : SXSW Badge Names That Made Us Laugh

Top 10 (and these are all genuine.  I was accused of making these up.  Where would be the fun in that?) : 1.  Chad Huff 2.  Caine O’Rear 3.  Matty A. Grumbles 4.  Bridget Sticker 5.  Trey Covington 6.  Larry Curry 7. Fletcher B. Goode (OK, middle name was Brendon but it’s funnier this way) 8.  Randy Schefer 9.  Sunday Paterson 10. George Jungringer Honorary mentions to [...]
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