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Saturday 20th March : I Am The Pope

Wow.  What a day.  It wasn’t supposed to be a busy one. At 11am we headed for breakfast with the wonderful Vicki and Stan who’s apartment we’re staying in.  We were taking them to see Jimi Alexander play at Jon Langford’s shindig at the Yard Dog.  Cool place.  We watched Jim and then Viv Albertine and [...]
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Friday 19th March : Pork Militia

The day we caved in to being tourists. We started the day thinking we had to rush around but we had a meeting postponed so ended up with a bit of free time.  Firstly though, we went record shopping.  We had a look around the massive record convention, there was almost too much to look at. [...]
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Thursday 18th March : Blister In The Sun

This was always going to be the busy day.  We got up early with the intention of going to see a talk by Smokey Robinson.  We missed it as we got distracted by the hot tub in the garden. We did make it in for a very interesting talk on vinyl though.  Guys from Sub Pop, [...]
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Wednesday 17th March : Real Irish Can Drink

If I’d written this Wednesday night then it may’ve been longer.  In hindsight, it was quite quiet! We started the day with a bit of window shopping on South Congress.  Loads of vintage clothes, bizarre toys (I’ll post photos when I get home) and Deer Processing.  Don’t ask, I don’t know. We walked into downtown, had a [...]
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Tuesday 16th March : Sleeves And Ice Hockey

Long day.  We started by wandering down to a place called Maria’s.  It’s 10 minutes from our apartment and awesome.  It has a massive bust of Maria outside and looks like it should be in a Wild West town.  Inside it’s amazing.  All plaster walls and dark wood, framed pictures of performers, regulars and newspaper [...]
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Monday 15th March : I Think

The clock on my laptop is telling me that it’s 1am.  I got up at 5am.  But really it’s 7pm.  Suppose we’d better go out drinking then. Got to Heathrow this morning to find out that our flight was delayed by an hour.  Not ideal when you only have 90 minutes to catch a connecting flight [...]
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Sunday 14th March : John The Cat

I woke up surprisingly perky this morning given that last night involved witnessing a man shake his trouser leg loose of his own faeces, being in a pub full of pissed deaf people and seeing the poster that graces this post. Handy hint – if your name is John, please don’t call your cat [...]
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