Polly Paulusma pledge campaign.


This story is short, and indeed sweet. We love Polly’s music, Polly wanted her third album on vinyl, we decided it would be really good idea for us to do something together. We’re doing this a little differently to usual in we’re going to release it and distribute half the pressing run to shops around the world and Polly is having half to sell direct to her fans. She’s using Pledge Music to raise the money for this. It’s all the rage like onesies and craft beer. Amanda Palmer did something similar for her album and raised enough to buy a small country [citation needed].

Basically you have 2 options. Have a look at the link below to have a chance of getting Polly to come around your house on our birthday and sing to you or go to www.diversevinyl.com to pre-order it from us. I’ll be honest, we won’t sing for you or anything.

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